What is Fora?

Fora Social is a social media platform where users can share in the profits from selling their data. You are in full control of your information and who can see your posts.

Our Mission and Values.

To hold ourselves accountable to transparency and honesty, while keeping our community safe and secure. Offer a simple platform for all walks of life that empowers users to make decisions for themselves.


Our core values are accountability, inclusiveness & diversity, privacy, security, simplicity, transparency, and trust.



Custom posting.

Post to the public, just your followers, or a custom circle!

Choose who sees your posts.

Communities for all.

For all your community building and operating needs!

From work to book clubs.

Chat with friends.

Privately message your friends! Simple and easy. 

An essential in 2020.


The Founding 'Astronauts'.

Jack Foley


Sarah Crane

Outreach Specialist

Paul Dobersztyn

Content Writer

Krisha Redillas

UI/UX Designer

Andrew Burr

CTO/Head-Backend Developer

Daniel Melton

Front-end Developer

Varun Master



Michael Trail

Jr Back-end Developer


Zaid Al Nouman

Jr Full-stack




Our Launch!

Fora Social is launching Alpha on iOS and Android in June 2020!

The Alpha will include account type selecting, bug bounties, communities (basic functions), private messaging, social circle posting, and user profiles.

Want to participate in
the open Alpha?

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