Interview with Jack Foley! (EP.10)

Updated: Oct 9


In this episode, Paul interviews Jack Foley, CEO, and Founder of Fora Social, LLC. Listen in as Jack talks about why he started Fora Social, why Fora is different, future plans, and other great information!


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[Talking Points]

Jack Foley is the CEO and Founder of Fora He is a college student at Ohio Wesleyan University as a rising Junior and is starting a social media company. Jack is a Business Administration Management and Communication Intel-Corporate Strategy double major.

Jack admittedly doesn’t like Social Media companies, even though he is starting a new company. He is looking to create something different. Jack’s first company, Re-use cases, made phone cases out of recycled plastic from Haiti. Every single venture Jack is involved in, is based on moral and ethical backgrounds.

Fora Social is a social media platform that allows users to be in control of everything. Fora Social was started to make changes in the social media industry.

The Fora tagline is, “A social media app, where you are in control.” On the app, you can view your data control panel. You see all your data points, especially ones that are most recently collected, what they are valued at monetarily, what industries buy them, how much money Fora makes, and your potential of making money. Opposed to other social media companies, you see how your data is being sold.

Discussing the near future, the launch date of Fora Social was pushed back to early 2021 from its original launch of Fall 2020. The alpha program is currently open, as it gains users and interest, and investors. The Alpha Division is available to join at The program allows users to sign up, sign an NDA, and see prototypes of the platform. Alpha division members can provide direct feedback that will affect the platform.

Jack describes Fora Social in three words Freedom, Transparency, and Republic.


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